Forbes Next 1000

Forbes next 1000

Small businesses are built on optimism—a long-shot wager on self-determination for the self-driven and mostly self-funded. Just look at the 50 faces below, all members of the Forbes Next 1000

The Beginner’s Guide To Passive Real Estate Investments

Even if you’re new to real estate investing, you’ve probably seen the success stories touted on social media. Real estate entrepreneurs with private jets boasting a glamorous lifestyle and “guaranteed returns.” Newbie investors extolling the virtues of “mailbox money,” passive income that flows in with minimal effort. 

To Be Successful, Find Your Purpose

American Express’ 100 for 100 program selected 100 Black women entrepreneurs to give $25,000 of funding and 100 days of business education with the goal of investing in their business’s long term growth.

Communication Steps For Leading In a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended almost every industry across the globe and thrown many companies’ day-to-day operations into widespread chaos. While countless businesses have been forced to shutter their doors completely, others have had to adapt by taking on new and untested strategies to remain viable.